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About Us

Egy Tropic:
Is a fast leading company in the Egyptian market in the field of general supplies and contracts for supplying the oil, Gas, Cement, Steel companies with their needs either from the local market or the foreign market.
 Egy TropicEgytR Being an agent for many companies all over the world specially the Italian manufactures of the bulk materials has given us the power needed to cover more than 70% of oil and gas companies needs of these bulk materials in addition to our normal supplies from the local market.

Egy Tropic: Has willingness to secure a wide range of companies “especially foreign& petroleum companies” based upon a strict implementation of a well-designed business policy to continuously provide its customers with adequate supply or service of the Best Quality &highest accuracy Studying the needs of the construction field and knowing the Proper methods To Carry Out the Works has brought Us as a Strong Competitor To Most Of the Companies working in That Field.

Egy Tropic: Was founded since 2001, and started to produce its services for two of the important industrial sectors in Egypt “the petroleum Sector & the Construction sector”. Then During the last few years, the company steadily progressed and covered the whole industrial sector.